Bionics – A Ray of Hope for the Disabled

Life takes unexpected turns. You never know what is ahead of you. In case your life has taken a tragic turn and, all of a sudden you lose your certain ability, your life changes, you lose your job, you lose the fun of your life, you are unable to do the activities you loved to do, you are unable to fit back into your life, even unable to perform the basic activities of daily life as you used to do, your perception of life changes, there are negative thoughts covering you and surrounding you as a blanket.

You think that now you are unable to achieve your aims and goals. Everything around you changes, now you depend on others on little things you never thought, you think you lost the purpose of life, the things you had taken for granted are no more, you feel entrapped inside your body, you no longer want to live this way, you think it is a never-ending nightmare, the road of your life is going downhill, you see people roaming around performing daily routine work, and you think why me? Why did it have to be me? What have I done to deserve this?

Remember, it is not the end of the world. Do what you can with what you have, not by being remorseful for what has gone for the rest of the life. Your ability is way more powerful than your disability. Today, in the world where technology is growing so fast and making improvements, nothing is impossible. Either you cope up with the situation, find a way out, and learn how to move forward or you can stress out and doom in darkness, doing nothing about it.

If you have decided to move on in life, and continue living back to normal then, thanks to bionic. As there is the advancement in technology, bionic has been made; to restore the normal function of the paralyzed and disabled individuals. Bionic not only brings back the normal function but enhances the quality of life of an individual. Disabled people who lost their functionality in any traumatic accident that lead to spinal cord injury, or the loss of function of any of the limb, or loss of their vision, or hearing, due to any damage to the nerve or people who have born with a certain disability can highly benefit from the bionic.

For hearing, bionic ear also called cochlear implant is fitted. One part is placed under the skin behind a person’s ear placed under the skin during surgery. The second part is worn on the outside of the body. The electrode is implanted in the cochlea and it functions to stimulate the hearing nerve and send sound signals to the brain, aiding the individual with hearing.

The bionic eye, A hope for the visually disabled individual. There can be many reasons behind the loss of vision. In some cases, the cornea or lens is damaged, or there is the problem with the retina visual signals. So, the bionic is specifically and uniquely designed on the requirements.

Let’s say the individual has leg amputee, The working nerve ends are still there and have nowhere to send signals. If these nerves are redirected to the muscle group. Then by the help of a bionic limb, when a person thinks to do a certain activity, he performs it. If he thinks of stepping forward with the bionic leg, the brain sends a message through those nerves to the muscles to work, and Microprocessors are used to imitate the movements. So, the individual can control bionic limbs by the command of their brain.

Now you’ll be thinking that bionic is just used for restoring the lost function and coping up with the situation. You have totally underestimated it! Bionic can even give the individuals the abilities that normal people can’t perform, such as; with bionic lower limbs, you can do superior running, you won’t feel fatigued even after long hectic walks or hikes. Another plus point of bionic, which may leave us all with a feeling of envy is that; Bionic is adjustable with the heights, if the individual is amputee below the knee or hip can alter is height whenever he wants. You’ve got a party where you have to seem good and confident; you can simply make yourself tall by adjusting its height. Isn’t that interesting? Not only this but with the bionic hearing device you can magnify distant sounds with clarity. It can be seen quite useful for surveillance purposes that way.

Feeling positive? So what are you waiting for? Go for the treatment and bring colors back into your life. You have the every right to make a decision for yourself and to opt for the best things you deserve. Change your life with this one decision, and feel the power of getting back what you had lost, and be prepared for the opportunities waiting ahead of you.

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